Who We Are

Aviation Training Center is a highly recognized flight training school located at Renton Airport serving the Greater Seattle area. Aviation Training Center is owned and operated by Spence and Marie Campbell who have been in the aviation industry for over 20 years. In that time, we have maintained a perfect safety record.

Our main focus at Aviation Training Center is to provide the quality training you need to reach your aviation goals. We will train you to be a safe and proficient pilot whether you want to fly professionally, fly for your own private business, or just want to fly for fun.

Learn Our Story

Back in 1996 Spence and Marie Campbell opened Aviation Training Center. The goal was simple, to provide the best professional training anywhere for flight training, ground school, simulator training, and airline career preparation.

Spence, the Chief Pilot and a well-known instrument training specialist is directly involved in curriculum selection which is personalized to each pilot. Marie, as the other half of Aviation Training Center's backbone not only keeps everything running day to day, but will drop everything to spend some time with a customer.

What We Can Do For You

If you choose to have an aviation career, we can mentor and guide you through the process. We offer career counseling, resume counseling, and interview preparation services. For students serious about becoming safe, proficient instrument rated pilots, we specialize in instrument training and fast-track courses.

Why Choose Us?

At Aviation Training Center we specialize in providing personalized training to meet your needs. We offer ground schools, flight training, simulator training, and airline interview preparation. We are an FAA approved testing center. We can get you through your private, instrument, and commercial training from start to finish. We guarantee that you’ll get your rating in the shortest time possible.


We take it to heart that pilots trust us to give them the right information. Our instructors are professional and have logged thousands of hours of flying experience. Pilots of all abilities who train with us will have the instructor's expansive aviation knowledge and expertise at their fingertips. We care about all of our pilots and their training, and want to see each and every one of them enjoy a lifetime of flying. It is no wonder why people who train with us also refer their friends to us, too.

Quality - Experience - Knowledge


Our courses are more than FAA Test cram courses.

  • We prepare you for the FAA Knowledge Test
  • Our students have a 99.9% pass rate the first time they take the exam
  • Our instructors are mature and experienced, giving you practical, real world information
  • We offer ground school and tutoring for the following ratings:
  • Private  |  Instrument  |  Commercial  |  CFI  |  CFII


Pilots must remain current and proficient with their skills, which means continued checks and testing as long as they continue to climb into the conckpit and fly. At Aviation Training Center, we provide testing for ALL FAA exams, as well as many other proficiency and certification exams for a wide array of professions. To give testers the best possible chance to succeed our Testing Center is quiet, small and without distractions so you can focus only on the test. Please visit our Testing Center page for all information regarding the CATS and Comira testing programs and how to sign up for an exam.


Whether you are an instrument student or an accomplished instrument rated pilot, training with our simulators will benefit you. As an instrument student, you can learn skills on the simulator in a safe environment before climbing into the cockpit and trying them in the air.

Additionally, training on a simulator is nearly 50% less expensive than renting an airplane and the FAA regulations allow you to log simulator hours: 20 hours towards your instrument rating and 50 hours towards your commercial rating.


We have helped hundreds of pilots get hired for 135 operations and 121 carriers and have up-to-date information on the sim profiles for most airlines. The instructors who will work with you have thousands of hours of flying experience and are career pilots, not just sim instructors. They have the "been there, done that" type of experience to pass on to you. They want to see you succeed. We can also help with human resource questions and resume preparation.

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"Best of the best! Spence is, hands down, the best CFII you're going to find anywhere. Great personalities, excellent facilities, top notch instruction. I couldn't recommend ATC more highly!"
John Y., Certified Flight Instructor II
"The prep I did with you was very valuable and spot on. I was not caught off guard by any questions. They asked what my prep for the interview was and I mentioned I met with you. They told me multiple times I was very well prepared for the interview and that I did a great job.
Thank you for all of the help. I'll definitely be recommending you to my friends that may have interviews with Alaska in the future."
-Dan A., Alaska Airlines Interview Prep
"Just passed my instrument check ride in a PA 44 Seminole down here at Hillsboro while attending ATP career flight school. Also passed my instrument instructor written exam. I credit my quick success to the training I received from Spence while back home. Thanks for working with me, hope to see Spence and Marie soon!""
Michael L.H., Flight Training